About Agility Secrets

Dog Sports Derby is home to Agility Secrets.

Agility Secrets is number one for online dog agility training, from puppy foundations, up to advanced course running. We cover everything

Agility Secrets is NOW here to unlock YOUR dog's full agility potential.

  • Ever feel you are holding your dog back?
  • Not sure how to improve?
  • Unclear on what to focus on first, and which training format to pick?
  • Are online courses just getting too expensive?
  • Or simply, you are unable to get access to good instructors in your area and feel you are always missing out?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, Agility Secrets is for you!


What is it?

Agility Secrets is a comprehensive online training resource, which uses video training to take you through all the stages; from what to do with your puppy and how to give him/ her the best start, not just in agility, but in life. Right up to advance agility handling and training, nothing will be missed out.

Ready to sign up? You can join today for only £13.49 per month alternatively why not find out more about what we have to offer below.

What do I get for my membership?

We believe agility is for everyone, that’s why Agility Secrets has been made so everyone can receive the best training and online learning, at a very affordable cost.

  • New videos and training material will be at your fingertips to access every month.
  • There is an archive area so you will be able to go back review any of the historic material, at any point. Our online database is the next step in our agility training. Even better, you get to do it all in the comfort of your own homes! (No more cancelled lessons due to adverse weather conditions!).We are going to cover all different training methods and styles, so you can pick which one that suits your partnership with your dog.
  • In addition to the above, our monthly package includes training course plans, worksheets and much more data material to help provide the richest training experience of your life.
  • All members also get access to our private Facebook page to share their training journey.
  • All members will get access to ALL the material ALL of the time.

Whether you have just started agility or compete at the top, Agility Secrets is going to help you move to the next level. You will discover more ways to help you move forward than you could ever image.

To make it even better this is all only £13.49 a month (that's around €15 or $17) less than the average cost for a 30 minute private lesson once a month (and of course no travelling costs) Can't wait to see you all at Agility Secrets, we hope you are as excited as we are.

Link to our website - https://www.agility-secrets.com

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Our purpose-built facility offers the following:

  • 23x50m (20x50m ring space and 3x50m walk way/ viewing area)
  • Hard standing car park for 70+
  • Juta Grass
  • The worlds best agility equipment from Galican
  • 5 acre training and camping field

Open 7 days a week, from 8am to 10pm.

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