Terms & Conditions

Dog Sports Derby is a trading name for Heath Green LTD

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all competitors/handlers and spectators and must be adhered to at all times. Entry/booking or attendance to any competition, event, or spectating, including the hire of the venue shall be deemed an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Dog Sports Derby reserve the right to refuse entry/hire without stating the reason, and to cancel the events/hire and all rights of admission.
  3. Any person causing any damage, disruption or unwanted behaviour will be asked to leave the premises and will not be permitted to participate.
  4. Dog Sports Derby do not accept any responsibility or liability for any injury, accident, damage or illness to any person, property or animal, or for any loss, arising out of, or occurring at any event/hire. It shall be a condition of entry/hire of the Centre that each entrant shall indemnify the organisers against any legal action whatsoever arising from any accident.
  5. All competitors and attendees must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the officials, event organisers, and employees at Dog Sports Derby.
  6. Parents or guardians are deemed responsible for their children and they must be supervised at all times.
  7. Dogs must be on leads at all times, when not training in the ring or when in a designated dog walking/exercise area. Which will be agreed by event organisers, or employees of Dog Sports Derby.
  8. Any individual seen to be causing distress or suffering to any animal will be asked to leave the Centre and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  9. No dog under the age of 18 months shall enter a competition at the venue.
  10. Any persons responsible for a bitch in season must ensure that they are considerate to other handlers and dogs. Any bitch in season must wear appropriate pants.  
  11. All dogs training or competing or training at the venue, must be considered fit and healthy.
  12. Dogs must not be left unattended unless secure in a crate or vehicle.
  13. Handles must foul their dogs in the designated areas. They must pick the foul up immediately after it is dropped, and ensure it is placed in the destinated bins.
  14. During hot days, handlers must ensure their dogs are always in well ventilated area, and must have access to drinking water.
  15. Dog Sports Derby reserves the right to alter any schedule at any time without prior notice. Closing dates for all events and hire may be altered if they are considered full. Clean shoes to be worn indoors only.
  16. Dog Sports Derby is able to change the trainers on training days and/or judges for competitions without notice subject to unforeseen circumstances.
  17. After using the facility, indoor lighting and music must be turned off.
  18. Dogs are not allowed to free roam on the AstroTurf area.
  19. No drink or food to be taken onto the AstroTurf area.
  20. All entry and hire fees include VAT@20%. 
  21. Venue hire will require the following payment terms

i)Full & Half Day Hire requires 20% non-refundable deposit

ii)Remaining balance 2 months prior to date booked.

iii)Cancelation for full & half day hire requires a minimum of 2 months advance notice to transfer the deposit to another available date. If another date is not feasible, the deposit will be refunded at the discretion of Dog Sports Derby.

iiii)Cancelations within 1-2 months of the date booked will not be subject to a refund/transfer of deposit.

iiiii)Cancelations within 1 month of the date booked will be charged at full price.

  1. Hourly Hire requires payment in full at point of booking. Bookings are non-refundable, however dates are transferable to other free dates with one months’ notice.
  2. Show entries or event entries require payment in full at point of booking.
  1. Smoking is strictly forbidden indoors, and smoking outside can only take place with consideration to others.
  2. All vehicles should be parked sensibly and enough room must be left for emergency access.
  3. . It is the handlers responsibility to ensure that dogs are the correct height and grading for their group/class.
  4. .FORCE MAJEURE. We cannot accept responsibility or pay compensation for circumstances which amount to ‘force majeure’, which subsequently affect the provision of our services to you. Dog Sports Derby is not liable for refunds or expenses you incur in the event they are prevented from fulfilling your booking as a result of circumstances beyond our control. Such circumstances shall include (but not be limited to) war, terrorism, riots or civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, health risks or such similar events (‘Force Majeure’).

22. Event bookings

i) The deposit or payment in full is due at the time of booking.
ii) The final payment is due 6 weeks prior to the event date. After booking you cannot cancel your place for an automatic refund. You can however resell your place. You can list your place for resale from your personal account on our website. Once your place is sold, your account wallet will be credited with either the deposit or payment in full, which ever you have paid. If your place does not sell, you will not get a refund.
Once it gets to 6 weeks prior and you have not paid your place in full, you can either forfeit your deposit, or pay in full. If you pay in full, you can then continue to resell your place, or attend the event if you do not sell closer to the time.